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Project and Construction Management

Aston Monarch offers comprehensive engineering and design services supported by a multidisciplinary team of project management personnel and technical experts. With diverse technical backgrounds in process, mechanical, civil/structural, instrumentation, and electrical engineering, our team is equipped to handle projects with varied technical requirements effectively

Our project management team possesses extensive experience across the entire project life cycle, from engineering design and procurement support to construction management, systems completions, and PSM compliance. We prioritize schedule adherence, project cost controls, constructability, and operability, ensuring the successful execution of projects.​


In addition to project management, Aston Monarch provides on-site support services tailored to meet client needs. Whether you require individual contract staff or a team of professionals, our comprehensive on-site support includes engineers, designers, project management personnel, construction management experts, survey technicians, schedulers, field planners, QA/QC specialists, inspection teams, and commissioning specialists.​


Furthermore, we offer life cycle technical support to ensure design compliance throughout various project stages, including procurement, systems completions, construction, commissioning, and startup. Our services encompass procurement personnel, accounting/project controls, technical validation during procurement, construction management, systems completions management, system technical compliance validation, pre-startup reviews, commissioning support, and system startup and tuning.


At Aston Monarch, we are committed to delivering exceptional engineering and design solutions that meet the highest industry standards and exceed client expectations.

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